SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In a new study released by Wallet Hub earlier this week, San Francisco was named the no. 7 most fun city in the U.S., beating 175 other cities for the coveted spot.

Wallet Hub ranks cities based on nightlife, recreation, entertainment and overall cost.

In terms of entertainment and recreation, San Francisco ranked no. 4, but no. 8 in nightlife and parties.

As far as cost, no surprise here, San Francisco came in nearly last, under New York City, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Boston.

San Francisco isn’t the only California city considered the most fun.

San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, Long Beach and many others also made the list.

Las Vegas, Nevada topped the list as the most fun city overall.

Check out the list’s Top 10:

1 Las Vegas, NV
2 Orlando, FL
3 New York, NY
4 Miami, FL
5 Chicago, IL
6 Atlanta, GA
7 San Francisco, CA
8 Portland, OR
9 San Diego, CA
10 Los Angeles, CA