SAN FRANCISCO has continued to be a hot spot for real estate as demand continues to increase and new home communities are going up all across the front range. My goal as your Realtor is to make the home selling process as stress-free and transparent as possible. Here are the steps for listing your San Francisco home for sale:

Schedule a Listing Appointment

When you schedule a no-hassle listing appointment with me, I will come to your home where we can walk the home together and determine all the highlights that make your San Francisco home unique. I will only need about 15 minutes of your time to view the home and present how we will showcase your home to thousands of local real estate agents in a matter of minutes, publish your listing with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), advertise online (maybe even on television!), advertise on social media, host open houses, showcase your home on my website, and even have your very own website page specially designed for your property.

Prepare your Home for Sale

I can assist you in determining what small (or large) repairs would be recommended to ensure your home shows well. Patching small holes, touch up paint, and a deep clean can go a long way in terms of how a buyer perceives the home. If there are any major or pricey repairs that you as the seller may not want to pay out of pocket, then I can look into options where the repairs can be finished and you don’t have to pay until you get to the closing table!

Staging your home either professionally or DYI can also help your San Francisco home sell. It is important that the buyer can see themselves living in the home and to encourage this it’s best to tuck away family photos and remove clutter.

Determine the Listing Price 

As a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, I will help you determine the best listing sale price of your home. There are many factors we will consider when determining the sales price of your San Francisco home including our sales strategy, market value based on the neighbourhood and recent or active home sales, and market trends. I will also factor in any repairs that may be needed in advance of selling or repairs that can be passed onto the buyer with full disclosure.

List and Promote your San Francisco Home

It’s showing time! I will promptly publish your home on the MLS so that other agents can request to show the home to prospective buyers. The sign will go in the yard and I will actively market your home on all applicable platforms so that we can find the right buyer for your home.

Consider Offers

When buyers are interested in purchasing your home, they will submit an offer. Offers will outline proposed terms of the sale for you as the seller to consider. As a seller if there are terms you do not agree with, you can counteroffer. Beyond just the offer price it is important to consider if the buyer has a preapproval letter from a lender, the down payment type, and the type of loan to assess the “strength of the offer.” The stronger the offer the higher chance that the deal with go through all the way to the closing table. As your agent I will help guide you through this process and understand the multiple factors that make up an offer.

Accept the Purchase Agreement

A signed purchase agreement is a legally binding document. It is a contract to purchase and will outline the final deadlines for inspections and any disclosures. The dates will be mutually agreed upon by both you as the seller and the buyer.

Negotiations Post Contract 

It is common for purchase agreements to contain contingencies such as an inspection/rejection period. This allows for the home inspection to come back, the buyer to determine if they want anything addressed in the home based on the inspection and it is up to you as the seller to determine if you will fix the issues, adjust pricing, or do nothing at all.

Closing Time!

Stretch those wrists and do your hand workouts because its closing time, which means lots of signatures. Closing will be scheduled with the title company. Once all the documents are signed, closing costs and any fees are paid, the title company will forward the buyer’s signed documents to the lender and you will get paid.

Things to bring to closing:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Keys
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Any applicable appliance and warranty documentation
  • Receipts for any repairs

Selling your home is a complex process that requires a reliable, trustworthy and competent adviser. As your San Francisco Realtor, I will guide you through each step while providing transparency and open communication. I look forward to meeting you and providing a smooth home selling experience.